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DEFINE YOUR ORBIT – A revolutionary book that introduces, for the first time in the world ever, A Unique Model of Hierarchy of Aspirations to Guide Millennials and Future Generations to Achieve Lifelong Success.

‘Define Your Orbit’ – Success a Matter of Chance or Choice,

is about yourselves first and then the real world. As you read, you will discover the new meaning of ‘Success’ and the philosophy of ‘no right or no wrong’.

What’s in the book?

‘Naina, Krisha, Kairav, and Aparajita, all in their teens and twenties, meet the dynamic Koyel, Miten and Binay at the mentoring sessions conducted by the author. Each with their own existential angst,conflicts, choices, and aspirations, the young people find themselves irresistibly woven together.They are, after all, looking for the same meaning in their lives.

In Define Your Orbit, author Manish Panchal draws you into the real situations and stories of these young people as he equips you with the tools and techniques to map your aspirations and help you define your own orbit. The most compelling part of the book is how to move in higher orbits of the seven dimensions of life fulfillment, whether educational, career, personal, spiritual, social, health, or material wealth.’

This book is a must-read if you are seeking to:
#Know Thyself – express your unique identity
#Why Me – understand why things are happening the way they are
#New Me – become what you want to be

“Align what you THINK, SAY, and DO to achieve utmost PEACE, HAPPINESS and SUCCESS.”
-Manish Panchal ‘