GURUInc, a social venure, focuses on youth grooming, corporate training, learning and
development and education that prepares young students for higher education. The Idea of GURUInc was coined in 2005 to establish a social venture to make a difference in society we live in by touching as many lives as possible.

Manish Panchal
Founder Director – GURUInc
Business Leader, Management GURU & Author

Manish is born and brought up in an humble background in Mumbai, India. He considers himself as a happy-go-lucky person. His life mantra is to have a clear life purpose, positive attitude & resilient nature as it makes every individual agile and gives ability to bounce back stronger every time you fall and succeed in achieving life goals.

Manish is a Management graduate from Asian Institute of Management(AIM),Manila, Philippines. AIM was set-up in partnership with Harvard Business School and known as Harvard of East.

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He has over 27 years of professional experience. He has worked with leading transnational companies like ABBOTT, Johnson & Johnson Medical, B.Braun &TATA Strategic Management Group.

Manish is passionate to share his expertise. He has experience of full business cycle, which includes planning and executing corporate strategy, business and operational process improvement and managing Independent P&L.

He is also a founding team member of Higher Education Forum an advocacy group. Manish had a stint as an entrepreneur to set-up education venture Europe Asia Business School in partnership with Global Talent Track (GTT).

Manish has authored and published over 50 thoughts notes that are published in various main-line newspapers and industry journals. He is one of the most sought after speaker and is invited in various national and international forums of repute.

Manish is certified laughter leader and is credited to set-up first laughter club in Philippines. His fund raising campaign ‘Laugh for Life’ was a grand success.

His life motto is to Learn – Live – Enlighten, to see this happening he has launched his transformational self-help book ‘Define Your Orbit’.

Manish is Inspired by several role models like Shri. Narendra Modi, Sadguru Jaggi Vasudev, Mr.Ratan Tata, Mr. Dhirubhai Ambani, Mr. Mukesh Ambani,Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and management guru Ram Charan and is fortunate to meet most of his role models in person.

Manish is aspiring to build a strong community of millennials who would ‘Define Their Orbits’ and live their life with purpose.

In his free time, he loves to listen to music, read books, and meet new people.

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Prof. Peter Cunningham
Chief Mentor – GURUInc

Prof Dr Peter Cunningham, educated in South Africa and Britain, has been involved in human resource management, organisational behaviour, sociology, internationalisation of higher education (HEI), education for peace and conflict management and transformation keynote conference presentations, public presentations,training and consultation for more than thirty years. His last assignment was an affiliation as a researcher and mentor to The Unit for Higher Education Internationalisation in the Developing World at the Nelson Mandela

For the past 40 years he has acted as an advisor and mentor to students and corporate managers. His passion for empowering people, and identifying people’s competencies and development potential have been his strongest points.

He has presented a number of scientific papers at leading international and national conferences. In addition to having published extensively in reputable discipline related publications he is the only SAP certified consultant in Human Resources Management and Business Information Warehouse at a South African academic institution.

As a widely respected HR practitioner, he is responsible for developing training material in SAP (HR), and conducts research into various Group & Organisational behaviour topics, and Internationalisation of HEI.

Besides being an evaluator of articles for various publications and an examiner for post-graduate degrees, he is on the editorial board of a number of international journals. He has also received awards for Teaching and Learning.

His consultations are mainly in the field of SAP (HR) at multinational companies.

Current Research and writing:
Aspects of Group/Dynamics/Organisational behaviour/General Management/Human Resource
Management/Electronic Human Resource Management
Business case studies on ‘managing in an emerging economy’
Human Rights and Business
Internationalisation of Higher Education

Business Address:

P O Box 77000
Port Elizabeth
South Africa 6000

Contact numbers:

Tel +27 41 583-1540 (Home)
+27 83 321 0898 (Mobile)

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Nationality – South African


To change lives and make society a better place to live in.




Helping youth find their purpose of life. Preparing youth to become Global
citizen. Self driven financially independent youth.


Every individual is unique, identify and respect that uniqueness.


Several hundred lives transformed through Success Matter of Chance or Choice, a personal visioning workshop.